“I’ve only practiced with Francesca for a short time, but she is the greatest influence on my yoga practice since I began over ten years ago. As anyone who practices knows, sometimes it’s difficult to quiet your mind.  At the start of class, Francesca asks her students to give her a thumbs up or a thumbs down. She wants to gauge the energy in the room. She shows consideration for her students the moment they walk through the door. What I love most about Francesca’s class is that she doesn’t ever go on autopilot. Francesca teaches yoga. It shouldn’t be surprising that a yoga teacher teaches yoga. But I was surprised. Francesca is a wonderful teacher because she is also a student. She actively reads about philosophy and meditation. Then she brings to class something she’s been learning about and shares it with her students. I’ve been in classes where teachers pitch an outside workshop or talk about any number of things outside the sphere of class. Francesca never does that. She starts every class by sitting in front of her students cross-legged in meditation.

I finished my grad school thesis during the time I was taking her class. I often dragged myself to yoga feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and anxious, a mountain of work staring me down. I kept coming back to class because afterwards I felt lighter in body and mind. Francesca’s style of teaching is a gift to her students.”

Ari Moskowitz

“Francesca has been my most favorite teacher to date. Every single time I was debating going to class, I decided to go because I knew that she would be teaching. Her insights into the practice always resonate with me and my body is so responsive to her words. She is a learner as well and always brings new ideas, positions and creativity to her work. I recommend everyone getting a chance to practice and heal with her. She is a true gift and I am thankful every day she chooses to share her spirit with the world through her yoga.”

Venetia P.

“Francesca has been our meditation instructor for the past 6 months.  We would see her every Tuesday night and looked forward to every session with her.  She has a broad and deep understanding of the different forms of Yoga and a sophisticated and nuanced approach to mindfulness.  She is incredibly gentle, nurturing, thoughtful and, of course, always sunny and cheerful.  We highly recommend her to anyone wanting to develop their Yoga or mindfulness practice.”

TL + GS 

“Before I started practicing yoga with Francesca, I had tried unsuccessfully to “get into” yoga for at least two years. I wanted to take up the practice, but it just never stuck no matter how many classes I went to. Enter Francesca. She started each class by asking me how I felt physically and mentally/emotionally and was careful to tailor her approach accordingly. She also took the time to explain each pose, not only from the perspective of alignment or technique, but also from a philosophical point of view. Before I knew it, I had a very personal, rewarding yoga practice thanks to Francesca. Her guidance and insight continue to be indispensable to me, but she has also given me a solid foundation from which to explore my practice more independently and continue evolving as a yogi. I can now go to almost any yoga class and know how to adjust the practice to fit what my body and mind need, which is especially important for anyone with a heavy traveling schedule. I owe much of my health and sanity over the last couple of years to Francesca!”


“I’ve taken Francesca’s Hatha classes at Zazen and they are by far my favorite yoga classes. Francesca is able to take the “temperature” of all participants and create a practice that is nourishing for everyone. She does a great job of reminding her students to listen to their bodies and get in touch with what they need at any given moment, which is especially important for someone like me, who is used to pushing herself really hard with any physical activity. Her classes have really helped me evolve my approach to all kinds of exercise, not just yoga (I’m not nearly as hard on myself as I used to be with my running, and I’ve stayed injury-free for much longer periods of time than I ever have before). This speaks to her holistic approach to the practice – a true integration of body and mind. Unlike many other yoga classes I’ve been to, Francesca’s classes feel like a profound experience rather than just an exercise class. To make her classes even MORE amazing, she ends each one with a morsel of aromatherapy – her trusty bottle of lavender oil is always at hand, and it’s amazing what a few inhalations while in savasana can do to clear your mind!”

– S. P.

“I had an amazing class last Friday with a teacher who just got here from New York, Francesca Gobeille. She started the class with dynamic postures and shifted to restorative yoga for the second half.   Although I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years, I have never had such a deeply healing and time-stopping experience. It was an amazing experience.

I hope you can experience her teaching – she has an extremely soothing voice and finds just the right words to guide you through her postures.”