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Regular Public Classes 

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Vinyasa, 14:00-15:30, at Delight Yoga (De Clercqstraat location)
Mindfulness & Yin, 16:30-18:00, at Delight Yoga (De Clercqstraat location)

Vinyasa, 14:00-15:30, at Delight Yoga (De Clercqstraat location)


Ground and Restore for Autumn: An afternoon of Aromatherapy and Yin Yoga

lavender-wallpaper-3Saturday October 14th, 2017
YogaFest Studio, Amsterdam
To sign-up, email: studio@yogafeststudio.com

As the leaves change color and weather cools, join me for an afternoon of nourishment and grounding.  This workshop integrates aromatherapy with Yin Yoga.  Aromatherapy is the art of using fragrant, liquid plant essences to promote healing and balance in body and mind.  Aroma can have an immediate effect on our emotions and energy-levels.  The benefits of these potent oils, which include relaxation, stress-relief, and immune-system support, can enhance your yoga practice and support you through seasonal changes.

The class will begin with an introduction to aromatherapy.  We’ll continue with gentle opening movements and Yin Yoga, a series of seated, passive postures that support deep restoration.  Essential oils tailored to the season – such as sweet orange, cinnamon, sandalwood, or frankincense – will be distributed at particular moments in class to enhance relaxation.  All essential oils used are high-quality, 100% pure, and certified organic, straight from farm to bottle.

Space is limited to 12 participants to ensure a nourishing and intimate experience.

(Please email me with any allergies.  If pregnant, please consult with your doctor about using essential oils prior to sign-up).   

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